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Time to be Cyber- Ready

No-cost cyber security course brought in by Institute of Advance Network Technology to build a stronger India

CSCU will be available across age groups and will empower up to 10 crore Indians to thwart cybercrimes by 2020 in an ode to Digital India.

Ahmedabad, March 16, 2016: The Institute of Advance Network Technology (IANT) has taken on the responsibility to empower the Indian youth against the rapidly rising cyber threat menace in a digital era. A target has been set to equip a minimum of 1 crore and a maximum of 10 crore youth of the country by 2020 through an educational course to deal with cybercrimes executed in tandem with the spurt in smart phones and Internet usage. This in turn will help bridge the demand-supply gap in the availability of cyber security professionals in the country.

The fight against cybercrimes will be declared at a national level through a strategically designed course named Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) that will be taught free of cost in association with EC-Council. The mission is a first-of-its-kind initiative that supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India and is a step forward to fortify Make in India.

CSCU will teach the basic foundations of security, how to secure operating systems, effective uses of anti-viruses, data encryption, data backup and disaster recovery, Internet security, securing online transactions and email communications and the basic tenets of security on social networking sites.

IANT is internationally certified and provides holistic training in IT and its multifarious aspects. It is necessary to be aware of hacking hazards. Use of gadgets is on the rise and the youth have taken to social networking like never before. Be it at home, at work or at play, Internet has percolated deep into our lives and with it, its many loopholes. Our objective through CSCU is to roll out a zero-cost training that will empower the youth to steer clear of cyber traps. The larger benefits will strengthen the nation, a€ said Dr. R.F. Kherani, Chairman & Managing Director, IANT.

In fact, the government of India has also created a new department called the Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) to inform about cybercrimes and disseminate information about it.

There is no age bar in pursuing the CSCU course. It is indeed a unique learning that will come at no price at all. EC-Council feels proud to be part of such a noble initiative where we will prepare for tomorrow to build a safe and secure India. Going online for the slightest of our daily needs is now a reality. The boon of convenience and the desire to be connected on the go has brought in a bane. The threat is big and a lot is at stake, even your identity. It is time to prepare, said Mr.Anil Nair, Country Head, EC-Council.

Sharing more on the recognized course,Mr. Akash Agarwal said The course structure will revolve around social engineering and go deep in its dealing with identity theft, information security, legal compliance measures and the latest on mobile device security.

IANT has 110 state-of-the-art education centers nationally and has taken up the mission to reach the remotest corners of the country to educate about cyber threats well ahead in time.

For Training registration login - www.iantfreetraining.com

For more information, please contact: Ajay Vyas-Operations Manager - +91-9374535642

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