CompTIA Cloud+

1.0 Cloud Concepts and Models

  • Compare and contrast cloud services.
  • Compare and contrast cloud delivery models and services.
  • Summarize cloud characteristics and terms.
  • Explain object storage concepts.

2.0 Virtualization

  • Differences between hypervisor types.
  • Install, configure, and manage virtual machines and devices.
  • Perform virtual resource migration.
  • Benefits of virtualization in a cloud environment.
  • Compare and contrast virtual components used to construct a cloud environment.

3.0 Infrastructure

  • Compare and contrast various storage technologies
  • Storage configuration concepts.
  • Execute storage provisioning.
  • Importance of network optimization.
  • Common network protocols, ports, and topologies.
  • Common hardware resources and features used to enable virtual environments.

4.0 Resource Management

  • Implement and use proper resource monitoring techniques.
  • Appropriately allocate physical (host) resources using best practices.
  • Use appropriate tools for remote access.

5.0 Security

  • Network security concepts, tools, and best practices.
  • Storage security concepts, methods, and best practices.
  • Compare and contrast different encryption technologies and methods.
  • Identify access control methods.
  • Implement guest and host hardening techniques.

6.0 Systems Management

  • Policies and procedures relate to a cloud environment
  • Diagnose, remediate and optimize physical host performance.
  • Implement appropriate testing techniques when deploying cloud services.

7.0 Business Continuity in the Cloud

  • Compare and contrast disaster recovery methods and concepts.
  • Solutions to meet availability requirements.
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