IoT Security Specialist

We live in an increasingly connected world filled with sensors collecting and communicating data about us. Today, IoT is everywhere and is silently changing the way things have been working. There’s a huge economic potential offered by the IoT. It is estimated that by 2025 there’ll be 75 billion objects connected to the Internet.

The Star IoT Security Xpert (SISX) is the most advanced certification in the information security domain. This certification focuses on securing the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The SISX certification provide the knowledge of IoT architecture, attacks, threats and risks, penetration testing and securing connected devices. The course starts with the key concepts of IoT and its security, and then moves towards the concepts required to perform the penetration testing on IoT devices.


  • Beginner - Intermediate

IoT Security Specialist Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • The basics of IoT and IoT in enterprises
  • Threats to IoT systems and their countermeasures
  • IoT security architecture and security lifecycle
  • Cryptography in IoT
  • IoT penetration testing
  • IoT mobile and web applications

Course Outcome

After competing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain IoT and its role in enterprises
  • Understand IoT system vulnerabilities, threats and their countermeasures
  • Interpret IoT security architecture and security lifecycle
  • Employ cryptography solutions for the IoT device security
  • Perform penetration testing on IoT devices
  • IoT mobile and web applications
  • Demonstrate how to exploit IoT web and mobile apps

Table Of Contents Outline

  • Introduction to IoT in the Enterprise
  • Exploring Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Countermeasures in IoT
  • Securing the IoT and Its Security Architecture
  • Exploring IoT Security Lifecycle
  • Exploring Threat Modelling in IoT
  • Exploring Security Requirements and Existing Security Techniques
  • Implementing Cryptography in IoT Security
  • Applying Identity and Access Management Solutions for the IoT
  • Implementing Cloud Security for the IoT
  • Maintaining a Compliance Monitoring Program for the IoT
  • Exploring IoT Penetration Testing
  • Exploiting Web Applications of IoT
  • Exploiting Mobile Applications of IoT