Windows Operating System Fundamentals

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Exam 98-349:

Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Course Details:

  • Understanding operating system configurations
  • Configure Control Panel options
  • Configure desktop settings
  • Configure native applications and tools
  • Configure mobility settings
  • Configure and use management tools
  • Installing and upgrading client systems
  • Identify Windows operating system editions
  • Identify upgrade paths
  • Understand installation types
  • Understand operating system architecture
  • Managing applications
  • Configure applications
  • Configure user account control (UAC)
  • Configure antivirus settings
  • Understand services
  • Managing files and folders
  • Understand file systems
  • Understand file and print sharing
  • Understand encryption
  • Understand libraries
  • Managing devices
  • Connect devices
  • Understand storage
  • Understand printing devices
  • Understand system devices
  • Understanding operating system maintenance
  • Understand backup and recovery methods
  • Understand maintenance tools
  • Configure updates