C++ Programming

C++ is a programming language with a special focus on the concepts of OOPs and their implementation. It has object-oriented features, which allow the programmer to create objects within the code. This makes programming easier, more efficient, and some would even say, more fun.

The Star C++ Programming certification course provides an in-depth knowledge about C++. The course helps acquire a fundamental understanding of the OOPs concepts, input/output data management, arrays in C++, functions, classes, objects, pointers, and much more. The course has been designed with a uniform structured series of modules enumerating various pertinent concepts.


  • Beginner to Intermediate

C++ Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • The basic programming and OOPs concepts
  • Creating C++ programs
  • Tokens, expressions and control structures in C++
  • Arranging same data systematically with arrays
  • Classes and objects in C++
  • Constructors and destructors in C++
  • Files management and templates in C++
  • Handling exceptions to control errors

Course Outcome

After competing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe OOPs concepts
  • Use functions and pointers in your C++ program
  • Understand tokens, expressions, and control structures
  • Explain arrays and strings and create programs using them
  • Describe and use constructors and destructors
  • Understand and employ file management
  • Demonstrate how to control errors with exception handling

Table of Contents outline

  • Exploring Programming Basics and OOPs Concepts
  • Introducing C ++ Programming
  • Working with Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures in C++
  • Managing Input and Output Data
  • Arranging the Same Data Systematically: Arrays
  • Classes and Objects in C++
  • Implementing OOPs Concepts in C++
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Groups of Statements: Functions
  • Implementing Structures and Unions
  • Pointing to a location: Pointers
  • File Management in C++
  • Templates in C++
  • Handling Exceptions in C++
  • Manipulating Strings in C++
  • Working with Pre-processor Directives
  • Advanced Labs